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Truth is, I am officially already an ultra runner.
Last november after a bad marathon showing in NYC, I ran the NYRR Knickerbocker 60K with Anthony. I already knew that I would run it. Not only had I trained for NYC with the intent of running it as a training run, but I also lined up volunteers to run each lap with Team SANDTHONY. The Knickerbocker (KNICKY60) course is 9 laps of the inner 4 mile loop of Central Park. There is one water stop around West90 and one fuel stop around East90. Since the race started on East90, we were also able to set up our “SANDTHONY PIT CREW”, which consisted of a cardboard box, decorated and filled with our preferred refreshments, extra shoes, socks and would progressively get filed with our discarded items that were too warm or cumbersome. I finished the race in 6:50:59 and enjoyed it immensely.

I wasted no time applying for my Marathon Maniacs number. I am #4578 with a one star standing for doing 2 marathons in 14 days. Being a maniac is in no way on par with being an ultra runner – at least not with my level, but it was fun to register and then be welcomed into the club on Facebook.

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